We have created a step-by-step guide on how to set up shipping on SOTA. We have included a guided video from our founder Emma as well as a written guide below. Should you need any further assistance, please reach out to info@sotamarketplace.co

Please see the video tutorial HERE and the written guide below: 

  1. Go to Shipping Methods in your artist dashboard
  2. Ignore 'free shipping' and enable 'Your Shipping Options'
  3. Once enabled, click on 'Your Shipping Options'
  4. Here you will need to add the weight ranges associated with your products. E.g. 0-2kg, 2.1kg- 4kg. Please note that all products need to be in Kg.
  5. Once you have created and saved your weight ranges, you need to put prices and countries associated with them. Go back to shipping methods and click on your shipping options, and add prices and countries you wish to send to. For example, if you only wish to send to the UK select only the UK and add prices associated with each weight range. If you want to give the customer free delivery set the prices to 0. Once this is done press save.
  6. Now, when adding an artwork all you need to do is scroll down to where it says 'shipping methods' and select 'your shipping options'
  7. The last step is to put the weight of the artwork in Kg. Make sure the 'requires shipping' box is ticked too. Press save and you are good to go!