We are very excited to be working with photographer, sculptor and installation artist, Anna Berry whose work you'll recognise from our Sotheby's show for Fair Shot.

Anna has released three limited edition photographs of her Breathing Room installation with SOTA. Framed by its mechanical exterior skeleton, which contrasts sharply with the soft, enveloping interior, the beguiling, illuminated tunnel invites audiences to travel through its gently undulating environment. Every element of the structure is bespoke and hand-made. Tens of thousands of paper-like cones, a recurring motif in Anna’s work, line the tunnel. The cones move as if the structure is breathing, creating an uncanny and otherworldly experience.

As a neurodivergent artist, Anna’s personal experience is the starting point for much of her creative output, which seeks to explore how we experience reality and the world around us. Although most of her work is conceptual in nature, her pieces are typically experiential, visceral, and emotionally charged, affecting the viewer in deeply personal ways.

Please do take a look at her series via the link below.